About Us

Bin It India! is an organisation that aims to educate Indian school children and local communities on the importance, benefits and methods of creating a clean, litter-free environment.

It focuses on small, simple, habit-forming steps and practices that individuals need to follow to reach this goal. For instance: keeping a selective area clean and beautiful daily, rather than an annual clean up.

As the youth are the future of the country and at life’s most impressionable phase, Bin It India! hopes to inculcate in them habits and attitudes that would lead to a cleaner, neater and greener India. It hopes to do this by conducting short, informational sessions in schools and local communities focusing on:

  • The ill effects of littering
  • The immediate and long-tern benefits of a litter-free environment
  • Ways to keep the immediate surroundings outside your home clean and green
  • How to treat your personal litter when in a public space: sweet wrappers, plastic cups, tissue papers, disposable water bottles, etc.

India, a country with more than 1.2 billion people, is blessed with immense and varied natural beauty. Over the years, however, a burgeoning population in conjunction with a growing economy and increased industrialisation has led to an increasing rate of consumerism and consequently gargantuan amounts of garbage and waste. Lack of adequate government planning and infrastructure to manage this waste, coupled with minimal regulation and abysmal law enforcement with regards to responsible disposal of waste, has led to an unhygienic, polluted and cluttered country.

Contrarily, it would not be wrong to say that Indians, while maintaining clean, beautiful homes, do not care the same way for the environment outside them. It is an all-pervasive problem that needs to be tackled urgently.